The Expanse Cocktails Project

Expanse Cocktail #36
Admiral Souther

Admiral Souther is a dedicated, skilled, career officer who understands the seriousness of military action. He consistently advocates for options that will minimize bloodshed and avoid war. Even when this results in his reassignment to the Jupiter Fleet, his good judgment helps him cut through the schemes around him.

In this drink, we used Frangelico (hazelnuts symbolize wisdom in Celtic mythology, and Souther is one of the seriesā€™ wisest, most restrained characters) and Averna for the strength of his mutiny against Nguyį»…n. Orange curaƧao rounds the drink out, giving you an overall impression of his principled nature and his kindness to his loyal crew. While we often use gin for UNN ships and officers, we felt that Souther had more of ryeā€™s passion and strength.


  • 5 parts rye
  • Ā¼ parts Frangelico
  • Ā¼ parts orange curaƧao
  • Ā¼ parts Averna


Stir all ingredients over ice in a mixing glass, then strain into an ice-filled rocks glass. No garnish.