The Expanse Cocktails Project

Expanse Cocktail #B1
Naomi's Grapefruit Martini

“Naomi. Karaoke. Even considering everything that had happened to them over the past month, Naomi up onstage with a mic in one hand and some sort of fuchsia martini in the other, screaming out an angry Belt-punk anthem by the Moldy Filters, was the strangest thing he’d ever seen.”

Leviathan Wakes, Chapter 19

“‘Hello my love,’ Jim said, putting his arm around her. In his other hand, he had a grapfruit martini. – ‘For me?’ she said, taking the cocktail. – ‘Hope so. I wouldn’t drink it on a dare.’”

Nemesis Games, Chapter 3

Our first book drink! Most of our drinks are inspired by characters themselves (we sure wouldn’t describe Naomi as a fruity pink drink), but occasionally we enjoy putting our own spin on the drinks characters actually enjoy in the books. Thankfully, we have better ingredients than fungus alcohol and artificial flavoring.

We love that serious, capable Naomi orders such a flamboyantly sweet and fun drink when she’s off duty.


  • 3 parts grapefruit liqueur
  • 2 parts vodka
  • 1½ parts grapefruit juice
  • 1 part créme de cassis
  • ½ part grenadine syrup


Combine all ingredients in a shaker with ice and shake until cold. Double strain into a chilled coupe and garnish with a twist of lime peel.