The Expanse Cocktails Project

Expanse Cocktail #5
Theresa Yao

MCRN Captain Theresa Yao, commander of the Donnager, has a stern, no-nonsense demeanor, but is fair-minded and quick to make the right decisions. Her dedication to Mars’ cause is unflinching; she orders self-destruct without hesitation when it becomes necessary to safeguard Mars’ military technology and data.

Yao’s quick thinking during the attack by stealth ships ensures that valuable information about Protogen’s plans reaches Tycho and Fred Johnson.

Captain Yao is clearly beloved by her crew, but takes a stern, no-nonsense approach to running her ship. This drink tempers high-ABV ingredients and intense flavors with a small amount of brown sugar, more complex than the white sugar or simple syrup you might normally find in an Old Fashioned.


  • 6 parts rye
  • ¼ part Fernet
  • ¼ part brown sugar


Put Fernet and brown sugar in a rocks glass and swirl to coat sides. Add one large cube of ice, pour rye and stir briefly. Twist a strip of orange peel above the glass to express oils onto the surface, then drop it into the drink.